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About Us

Welcome to Tommie Mac, where we revolutionize real estate with equity smart solutions. Our mission is to empower homeowners by providing them with innovative, flexible, and accessible ways to unlock the equity in their homes without taking on new debt or high interest payments. Equity that you've earned on your terms!

WHY We Exist

We live in a world where homeowners are often 'equity rich and cash poor'. Trapped by the rigid structures of traditional loans and mortgages, these homeowners struggle to tap into their locked equity, despite it being one of their most valuable assets. We recognized this dilemma and asked ourselves, "Why should homeownership be so constrained?" Our answer: it doesn't have to be.

At Tommie Mac, we exist to provide an alternative solution that gives homeowners the flexibility to leverage their home equity in a way that suits their individual needs and lifestyle. We believe in a future where homeownership is less about debt, and more about equity and ownership.

HOW We Do It

Our approach is centered on our flagship product, the Equity Share program. This innovative solution allows homeowners to fractionalize their home equity, transforming it into shares that can be sold to investors. This creates a liquid asset that homeowners can access without the need for a traditional loan, interest payments, or changes to title.

Notably, our Equity Share program includes a buyback option, allowing homeowners to repurchase their shares at any time, giving them the power to control their equity. 

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WHAT We Offer

We offer homeowners a flexible, accessible, and efficient way to tap into their home equity. At the same time, we offer investors a unique opportunity to invest in the residential real estate market. This dual benefit creates a win-win scenario that challenges the status quo, catalyzing a paradigm shift in the real estate industry.

Through our focus on financing solar installations and energy-efficient upgrades, we’re also aligning with global movements towards cleaner, sustainable energy. In doing so, we’re creating a future where real estate transactions support and contribute to environmental sustainability.


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The Future We See

We envision a future where Home Equity Investments (HEIs) become the new norm, replacing traditional mortgages. As institutional investors recognize the resilience and flexibility of HEIs, we see a growing trend towards direct ownership and control over tangible real estate assets. Our Equity Share program is leading this revolution, marking the beginning of a new era in homeownership.

The world is ever-changing, and the housing market should evolve with it. At Tommie Mac, we are dedicated to leading this change, creating innovative solutions that unlock the true potential of homeownership. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of the real estate industry.

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Presented by Thomas Ferrier,
Co-Founder & CEO 

Our Story

In an unexpected twist of fate, Thomas Ferrier and Peter Heimerdinger found themselves at the heart of a systemic problem in the mortgage industry, sparking a revolutionary idea that would redefine homeownership, but little did they know how quickly their vision would catch fire and transform the future of real estate.

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