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Equity Financing

Empower your clients with innovative financing.

Help your clients unlock their home equity to power your business and their dreams.

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Join the revolution.

Get Access

We only partner with the best in the industry. Complete a Partner Application.


We'll tell you if the client is approved before you even pitch them.

Assist Your Clients

Help your clients apply and sign docs.

Get Paid

We can wire funds directly to your account in 3-7 days.

Join the Tommie Mac Approved Partner network and offer your clients a cutting-edge way to access their home equity.


Become an Approved Partner

Join our exclusive network of Approved Partners and start closing more deals.

Access to all major home equity products.
Boost profits without sacrificing your bottom line.
Simplify financing with a hassle-free experience.
Stand out with cutting-edge equity financing.

What is an Equity Share?

We've partnered with the top home equity share providers to offer our approved partners access to the most comprehensive and competitive equity financing options for their clients. With Tommie Mac, you can save time, increase your profits, and rest easy knowing that your clients are getting the best deal possible. Join us today and elevate your business to the next level.




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Window & Doors


Kitchen & Bath

New Construction

Flooring & Carpet


Home & Garden

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