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Empower Your Clients with an Innovative Financing Solution

Join the Tommie Mac Approved Partner network and offer your clients a cutting-edge way to access their home equity.

Discover the Future of Home Equity Financing

We're changing the game in real estate and creating opportunities for professionals to grow their business and their bottom line. Our Equity Share product is the future of home equity financing, empowering homeowners and offering professionals a new way to attract more clients, close more deals, and earn more money.


Become an Approved Partner

Join our exclusive network of Approved Partners and unlock the future of real estate.

Tailor financing to meet clients' needs and goals.
Boost profits without sacrificing your bottom line.
Simplify financing with a hassle-free experience.
Stand out with cutting-edge equity financing.
No Credit. No Income. No Problem.

What is an Equity Share?

Equity Share enables you to provide your clients with a financing solution that taps into their home equity without adding new debt. It's perfect for homeowners who need funds but don't qualify for traditional loans or mortgages, as it doesn't involve monthly payments or liens on the property.




Home Improvement

Window & Doors


Kitchen & Bath

New Construction

Flooring & Carpet


Home & Garden

Pool & Patio

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