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Tommie Mac's Story


"You're right, Peter. Mortgage does SUCK. Let's change that."

- Thomas Ferrier, President & CEO

Casual Meeting

Our Story

Tommie Mac was born from the shared vision of Thomas Ferrier and Peter Heimerdinger. Their serendipitous meeting in Hawaii began with a professional-client relationship when Peter sought Thomas's expertise in securing a cash-out mortgage refinance.

Thomas, a seasoned real estate professional, found himself grappling with the constraints of the conventional mortgage system. His frustration escalated when he couldn't qualify Peter for a loan due to sky-high interest rates and increasingly strict loan guidelines. This encounter revealed a systemic issue in the mortgage industry that overlooked the unique financial needs and capabilities of individuals, leaving a gap in service and opportunities.

Peter, the former COO of the largest private school on the island, found himself stuck in the financial labyrinth. Despite his financial stability and capability to handle repayment, the traditional mortgage system, with its high interest rates and tightening guidelines, prohibited him from accessing his home's equity. This experience exposed him firsthand to the limitations of the current system.

In the face of this problem, Thomas and Peter didn't just see a roadblock; they saw an opportunity—an opportunity to redefine the real estate industry and provide a solution for homeowners caught in the same predicament as Peter. They envisioned a platform that would allow homeowners to quickly access their equity without the burden of high-interest rates and rigid loan guidelines.

This idea led to the creation of the Equity Share solution—an innovative platform that could enable homeowners to unlock their equity within days, free from high-interest repayments. This approach marked a paradigm shift, promising a new level of flexibility and financial freedom for homeowners.

The real potential of Equity Share became glaringly apparent almost immediately after its conception. Thomas introduced the idea to his friend Will, who owned a solar company and had clients experiencing similar financing challenges. Within just an hour, Will had several clients in dire need of the Equity Share solution. This swift and significant response validated their innovation, affirming their conviction that they had discovered a genuine solution to a widespread issue.

Motivated by this realization, Thomas and Peter embarked on a mission to disrupt the status quo. They were not only driven by their innovative spirit but also a sense of responsibility towards homeowners, inspired by the Hawaiian values of kokua (helping others) and kuleana (responsibility). Committed to these values, they saw it as their duty to provide unique solutions to unique individuals, setting the tone for Tommie Mac's ethos.

The founding story of Tommie Mac is a compelling narrative of resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to transforming the real estate industry. By melding real estate, finance, and blockchain technology, Thomas and Peter are pioneering a revolution in how homeowners access their equity—creating a more equitable and accessible real estate market. Their inspiring journey is a testament to their vision, passion, and the transformative power of disruptive innovation.

Meet The Team

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