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Revolutionizing Real Estate Through Equity Smart Solutions

We're changing the way that homeowners can tap into the locked equity in their home!

Cash Out Amount


Shares Sold:


This is how many shares you would need to sell to get the cash out amount desired.

Shares Remaining:


This is how many shares you would have remaining after doing the equity share.

Buyback Price:


This is your initial buyback price. 


Unlock your Equity

Tommie Mac's Equity Share allows you to tap into the equity in your home without needing to take on a new mortgage or high interest payment.

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Join the waitlist.

Due to extermly high demand we are helping clients on a first come first serve basis. Join our waitlist to get updated on your equity!

About Tommie Mac

Tommie Mac was founded with a vision to redefine how homeowners access and use their home equity. We recognized the challenges and limitations of traditional financing options like mortgages and home equity loans, which often come with strict credit requirements, high interest rates, and rigid repayment terms. We believe that homeowners deserve better options to tap into the wealth stored in their homes.

Our team of experienced professionals, with backgrounds in real estate, finance, and technology, came together to create a solution that puts the homeowner first. That solution is the Equity Share program, a revolutionary alternative to traditional financing that offers homeowners the opportunity to access their equity without the burden of additional debt.


"Real Stories from Real Homeowners"

"I was struggling to make ends meet after my husbands passing, but Tommie Mac helped me unlock the equity in my home to pay off my mortgage and buy solar panels. Now I'm mortgage-free with unlimited electricity saving a combined $1,100 per month!"

Jonnie, Az

Founders on a mission. 

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